Where all are welcome to discover their true selves, empower muscle and mind through motion and method, and unite with the body, soul and community.

One mat. One practice. One gathering at a time.


We want you to start your yoga journey with us!

Whether you are NEW to yoga or NEW to the studio this can be a special time as you begin to explore and discover yoga at Community.  You won't be "new" but once, so we want to give you the outlet to dive in and discover.  The more you practice and experience different class styles and different teachers the more you will understand and the better you will be connected to "what" works for you.  As a student NEW to CY; take advantage of a week unlimited or a month unlimited to explore as many classes and experience as many teaches as your schedule allows. Simply purchase one of the options below OR show up to class 10 mins early and the teacher will get you all set up.

Sun Salutation