SHIFT Happens: Live your Yoga

"Shift happens when we create new habits based on what our body and mind truly need; it is an opportunity to realize how to nourish the mind, body, and soul."

- Mandy B.

  Shift Happens will help you create space in your life and body for movement,  meditation, self-development, healthful living, and create new, meaningful rituals. The possibilities that a 30-day yoga experience will bring partnered with mindfulness, clean eating, and going inward are endless.  You will notice shifts in your sleeping habits, gut health, stress level, and connection with yourself and others. Join Mandy, Caroline and Stephanie Burg as they support and guide you through this life changing transformation.

Shift Happens Details:

  • Access to a private Facebook page that will act as a support group providing motivational + nutritional support, journaling prompts, meditation and mindfulness tips.  This is also a place where you can share whole food recipes, what shifts, opportunities, and habits are coming up for you.

  • Nutritional information is provided by Stephanie Burg, a Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.  

  • Mid-Shift Meet Up April 15th 11:30a-12:45p: A 75-minute workshop to help guide and support your shift.

  • Weekly give-aways to encourage your shift to keep moving forward. 

  • If you practice 25 out of 30 days in April, we will gift a month of unlimited yoga in May.


Yoga: Commit to your practice! Let your yoga show up in the studio, in a hotel room if you are traveling, at home or basically anywhere that works for you. *Note:  to be considered for the complimentary month of May - 25  days MUST BE completed in studio. 

Whole food: Non-processed, whole foods nourish our body and give it fuel. You may choose to do the entire 30 days eating whole foods. This can also show up in certain meals only, too (example: whole foods for lunch + dinner), or perhaps it looks like cutting sugar or alcohol for 30 days - get creative and SHIFT your nutrition to better serve YOU!!

Hydrate: Drink plenty of water!  We suggest trying to drink 1/2 gallon of water a day.  Additionally, we would love to suggest that for the first 15 days, cut alcohol completely from your diet and limit yourself to zero or one caffeinated drink per day. 

Some other things you can expect during Shift Happens: Committing to kindness, tips on meditation, leading your life mindfully, journaling prompts, and unplugging from social media.



Remember that Shift Happens in ways that suit you and your body best!


Investment for Shift Happens is $15.00 and must be purchased no later than April 5th!

SHIFT HAPPENS shirts will be available for order/purchase starting April 1st!



What type of class pass should I purchase during Shift Happens?
We suggest that you purchase our Monthly Unlimited; if you don't already have one.  BUT, please feel free to finish any class package you currently have and make any additions during the month of April that work best for you.

I am going to be out of town for a week and won't be able to get to the studio for yoga classes, should I still join?
Absolutley! S.H. is an opportunity to make positive changes in your life. So perhaps the week you are away, you commit to a home practice; we'll have a Facebook group to help support you along the way!

Is the 75-minute Workshop included in the price?
Yes, it is and you will not want to miss it!

If I complete the 25 days in studio; how will I get my complimentary month?
At the end of the challenge we will load your account with a complimentary month that starts May 1st, 2018.  If you already have a Monthly Unlimited Auto-draft or Annual Unlimited we will make the appropriate adjustments to your accounts.

We can't wait to SHIFT with you!  If you have any other questions, please reach out to: