RYT 200 - Saraswati's Yoga Joint, Norwalk, CT

RYT 200 - Saraswati's Yoga Joint, Norwalk, CT

Sara Senst

What is your favorite place to eat in Charleston?
Every place! I'm new to the area, so I'm blown away by the delicious food everywhere I go, especially the BBQ!

When you're not sharing yoga, where can we find you?
At the beach/park with my yellow lab, Bonzo and designing houses around the area!

What can we expect from your class?
As a Registered Architect, I’m interested in exploring the manipulation of body structure, along with the ability to access one’s own unique interior environment, in order to create internal space. Spaciousness is cultivated through a flow of movement, breath, and consciousness. Classes are upbeat, with an emphasis on letting go, becoming light, and expanding outward from an authentic place.

What is a common misconception about yoga?
Advanced practice means advanced poses.

What makes you come alive?
A beautful day, handstands in the park, new & old friends, date night, dance parties, teaching yoga, watching football, that breakthrough design moment, doggie snuggles, coffee, and most importantly: gratitude.