Pete Schnabel

March 2018


Community Yoga is... AWESOME, grounding, moving, motivating, stretching, community, and much more

The pose I love the most… binds - I enjoyed getting all twisted up and then unwinding 

My yoga practice... grounds  me, lets me look inside and be a better version of myself while pushing myself mentally and physically

The breath… fills me up, and empties me out so I can start fresh

The pose I love to hate… camel - I enjoy opening my heart, but it's a challenge to get into the pose so it keeps me coming back

Love is… a warm embrace, direction when you're lost, an ear to listen, and a hand to pick you up when you fall

Community means… a group of people with similar goals reaching to be their best

My favorite mantra… never settle and, when a door closes another one opens 

What makes me come alive… pushing myself and seeing how far I can go.

The soundtrack to my life… is something from the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews, or something I haven't found yet...