Laura Lohnes

Community yoga little sanctuary. A home where I actually get shit done (can I say shit?).

The pose I love the most...all the hip openers. And puppy pose! 

My yoga practice...fills me with both pride and humility. A reminder of my strength and of my room for growth. 

The breath is...the hardest part -- harder than the hardest posture! 

The pose I love to hate...eagle. 

Laura Lohnes

Love is...the path of least resistance.

Community means...offering what you have and taking what you need in return. 

My favorite mantra...Here I am. 

What makes me come alive...time. The absence of hurry. The freedom to be unstructured.

The soundtrack to my life...this is impossible to answer! Anything from Louis Prima to Frank Ocean. Music is my other love.

Laura Lohnes