Nicole Garcia

Community Yoga is
like a good friend; warm and accepting but not afraid to challenge you.

The pose I love the most
I love humble warrior. It is a good heart opener, but I also love what it demonstrates; a warrior who bows with their hands bound behind them, to me it's a pose that encourages peace.

My yoga practice
has helped me realize my strength.

The breath is

The pose I love to hate
standing Splits.

Nicole Garcia

Love is
powerful, beautiful, scary, and everywhere (sometimes you just have to look super hard).

Community means
so much to much to me.After moving across the country a couple times and experiencing some hard months, I am always amazed, inspired by, and so grateful for the people who help lift me up, who are close and far in proximity, when I feel like I can't move forward.

My favorite mantra
she believed she could, so she did.

What makes me come alive
helping people.

The soundtrack to my life
any pop-punk or emo from the early 2000s!

Nicole Garcia
Caroline Nash