Alex Hellams

Community Yoga is... a place where people from all walks of life come together to drop their story and create something powerful for themselves and everyone they are sharing their practice with.

The pose I love most... well there are two. I love grasshopper because it is the first pose that I focused time and practice to achieve and have been able to reach my goal. My other favorite is handstand because that is where my current focus lies, still can't quite nail it (and occasionally crash into walls in class) but I'm getting closer each time I come to my mat.

My yoga practice is... evolving. It started as a place to help me become a better, stronger runner and has grown into such a vital part of my daily life.

The breath is... the reason for practice. I truly believe that without it, there is no yoga.

Alex Hellams

Community means... coming together to support one another through good and bad.  Each human has their own story that brings them to where they are today which is very easy to forget when you are caught up in your own life. Community means putting aside my own "stuff" to help uplift those around me.

My favorite mantra is... be here. Whether in yoga or in life, I am always on the run fitting in one thing in after the next so I am consciously trying to tell myself to be where I am and worry about later, later.

The soundtrack to my life... the short answer is it depends. I really go back and forth between John Mayer radio and Justin Timberlake radio on Pandora. I don't care what anyone says, JT has it going on.

If I could high-five anyone right now... it would be my little brother Ben.  He is stupid smart and getting into and receiving scholarships to all the colleges he has applied to. I am super proud and wish I was there to give him a high five!!🖐

The pose I love to hate... are Mandy's "elevators". Holy burning core!

Alex Hellams Pose
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