Carrie Rittle

Community Yoga is. . . my yoga home.

The pose I love the most. . . is wheel pose. I love the physical act of opening my heart and allowing it to shine forward.

My Yoga practice. . . is how I return to my true self. Things can get pretty hectic, stressful, and overstimulating in our crazy amped up world. Work, kids, obligations, and traffic takes a toll on my mind, body and spirit. Yoga is my way to slow down, work through all that ails me, and return to my true self and my true intentions.

The breath is. . . the best, and perhaps the most under-utilized tool for coping with emotions and discomfort. As a school psychologist, I frequently talk about coping skills and how students can use their breath to stay calm in the face of anger, stress, and anxiety. I love teaching kids how to use ujjayi breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system as a way to calm down, and enter a state of relaxation. These "teaching experiences" also serve as a great reminder to myself that I always have this tool available. I just need to remember to use it when I am in a sticky situation.


Love is. . . a balance of meeting people exactly where they are and genuinely accepting them, supporting them, and challenging them; the reason for everything i do.

Community means. . . making connections, sharing, and growing with like minded beings.

Favorite words to hear. . . I love to hear Caroline Nash remind me that "My breath is my power". . . she seems to remind me at the very moment I feel like giving up. It always re-energizes and reminds me of the strength within. I love when Mandy Baughman tells me to "breathe for my neighbor" (my neighbor's have no idea how many times they have pulled me through a difficult time with their breath). I also love to hear Stacy Peth say, "It's just yoga" it helps me to lighten up a bit, let go, and laugh a little at myself for being too serious.

What makes me come alive. . . sharing a beautiful sunset with my husband, watching my children learn, listening to laughter, and witnessing people making positive changes in their lives.

My go to midnight snack. . . a giant bowl of Reeses Puffs cereal

Carrie Rittle
Caroline Nash