Melody Herscher

RYT 200, Holy Cow Yoga Center, Charleston, SC  RCYT, Kidding Around Yoga, St. Petersburg, FL

RYT 200, Holy Cow Yoga Center, Charleston, SC

RCYT, Kidding Around Yoga, St. Petersburg, FL

Community means: 
A sangha!  A group of friends practicing together in order to cultivate mindfulness and create a space where harmony and love exist. The strength and power of a community relies on the group's ability to understand and accept each other, learn from one another and give and accept support.

What can we expect from your class? 
You can expect for the whole family to come together to breathe, move and find the present moment. We introduce classic yoga, meditation, breath work, and stress-management in a kid-friendly style with original music, games, and imaginative stories. Each class also includes a little bit of "kidding around," because, well, don't we all need a bit of that in our lives?!

When you're not sharing yoga, where can we find you?
Coordinating kids yoga teacher trainings across the country for Kidding Around Yoga, spending time with my sweet friends and family, enjoying the beautiful city I am so grateful to live in, and always looking for my next adventure that will teach me something new and exciting.

What is a common misconception about yoga? 
"You need to be flexible to practice Yoga." Flexibility is NOT a requirement. Yoga meets you where you are and without judgement or expectations. When you have the support of a skilled teacher you’ll go places you never thought possible. Much like how we might approach teaching children to read. You meet each student where they are and help them to cultivate practices to take them where they want to go.  Anyone can benefit from the practice of yoga as long as the person is patient and approaches the practice with an open mind.

What makes you come alive? 
Experiencing the light in others shine. Listening to a painter talk about his latest work, watching a musician play his heart out, or hearing a teacher explain why they do what they do. Simply recognizing passion in others makes me come alive and reminds me to share my light too!