Katherine Johnson

200 hr RYT

200 hr RYT

When you’re not sharing yoga, where can we find you? 
With my nose in a book, I’ve always been a big reader and am always looking for suggestions for new reads especially science fiction

Community means:
Sharing experiences with the people in your life, the good and bad and everything in between. I think of the quote from Ram Dass, “to sum up life, we’re all just walking each other home” and for me, community means exactly that 

What is a common misconception about yoga?
That there is a “right” or “wrong” way to do yoga. This practice is for every person and every body. There’s something so liberating about realizing that you can tailor this practice to fit your unique self

What can we expect from your class?
I’m a big believer in yoga being a personal practice and because of that I like to teach my students to make their own choices as we flow and sweat. I offer a lot of variations on poses and allow my students to choose what fits best for them in that moment. I want my students to listen to and honor what their bodies are telling them. 

The breath is:
The foundation and life force for your practice. Everything else, all the asanas and movement, are just layers on top but the practice begins with breath.