Jennifer Lazauskus

August 2018


Community yoga is...  the safest haven for true, raw, emotional people. 

My yoga practice is... an honest expression and extension of my self and my feelings. 

The breath is... my connection to sanity, stability, and balance.

The pose I love to hate is... standing splits, I can’t do a sitting split so standing seems like insanity.

Love is... when a stranger shows another human kindness and compassion. 

Community means... a collection of like minded individuals who thrive with one another around and strive to help other members feel at home. 

My favorite mantra is... a tie between “life goes on” and “enjoy the journey”

What makes me come alive is... a whole body connection with another spirit whether that be nature, animal, or another human being. 

The soundtrack to my life is... not my favorite song of all time (Eagles “Hotel California” or Metallica “Enter Sandman”) but the ever classic Rascal Flats “My Wish”