George Panciera

April 2018


Community Yoga is... a haven where everyone is accepted and value; a place where you can bask in the energy created by a roomful of yogis moving together.

The pose I love the most... twisting poses, especially side angle.  I love wringing out my body. It’s so good for your spine; it lengthens your bones and creates space between your vertebras

My yoga practice... has completely transformed my life.  It's the focal point of my physical and mental well being

The breath is... a powerful way to direct oxygen into stressed out parts of my body.  Outside of my class, I breathe to drive away anxiety, and to pace myself while I’m cycling up big hills

The pose I love to hate... the whole balancing series - anything on one leg. However, this taught me to wickedly laugh at myself and to be OK with constantly falling out

Love is... being with my family, getting hugs from my granddaughters

Community means... being compassionate, empathetic  and supporting each other.  Looking at life through the eyes of the person you pass by on the street, or on the mat next to you.  

My favorite mantra... ”We’re all bozo’s on this bus”  credit:  The Firesign Theater

What makes me come alive..   spending the day (week or month) pedaling my bike down country roads, anything my wife Halina cooks, making wooden toys for my little ones and furniture for my kids, and fixing broken things.

The soundtrack to my life... Led Zeppelin, The Who, Hendrix, Talking Heads, Bob Marley, DMB, U2