200HR RYT  18 Hour Children's Yoga Certification  Assistant training.


18 Hour Children's Yoga Certification

Assistant training.

Emily Shoemaker

When you're not sharing yoga, where can we find you?
Honestly, above all, I love down time at home. As much as I love to be social and extroverted, I need quiet time to recharge. Other than that, I am an avid surfer, I need my yoga practice, I love time with my people, and I have been bitten by the travel bug for life. I'm known among my community members to take extended vacations to Central America. I also love to go out and eat in Charleston.

What is your favorite place to eat in Charleston?
This always changes, but for now it's a place called, The Getaway. It's a South American inspired bar and restaurant on King Street. The food is fresh and creative, the Chef is amazing, and the cocktails are delicious. They have a fire pit and a movie projector on the back patio. It's a refreshing change from everything else in Charleston.

What can we expect from your class?
You can expect me to share what is inspiring to me at the time, and what works for the bodies in the room on that  particular day. I really love to be authentic and present while I'm teaching, and since everything changes all of the time, so do my classes. I have experience teaching power yoga, children's yoga, yin yoga, and restorative yoga. I also love to constantly research, watch, and read about yoga to keep my classes evolving.

What is a common misconception about yoga?
"I can't do yoga. I'm not flexible". It's the biggest oxymoron. It's like saying "I can't eat. I'm too hungry".

What makes you come alive?
Being silly and laughing. I'm not always this way, but when I am, I feel like my true self. Also traveling and learning new things.

Favorite words to hear:
"You are enough." "I love you." "You're funny." "Here, have this $100 for no reason."

Community means:
Celebrating the differences and the oneness among us.

Guilty pleasure:
Pizza. Netflix. Tequila. Sorry not sorry.