Danielle Giovannone

May 2018


Community Yoga is... my secret hideaway from all the “agida” of life. 

The pose I love the most...Dancer: brings a smile to my face instantly because it brings me back to my childhood when I did ballet. and Crow pose: it was the first arm balance I ever learned.

My yoga practice... helps transition my mind back inward to find calm, focus, balance, strength, challenge & love.

The breath is... my balance.

The pose I love to hate... Eagle, a pose of trust, balance, commitment, strength & surrender.

Love is... something unspoken, something you just know, something you feel throughout your body, something words can never describe.

Community means... togetherness.

My favorite mantra... balance & transition.

What makes me come alive... Traveling. It’s an opportunity to experience something new & unknown, to learn about different cultures, to eat amazing foods, to see history with your eyes, to meet amazing people.  “Rester, c’est exister. Mais voyager, c’est vivre,” “To stay in one place is to exist. But to travel is to live.” - Gustave Nadaud, French writer

The soundtrack to my life... 80s hairbands, Depeche Mode, Tool, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Joel, Mozart.