Dave Hollyday

Community Yoga is
right up the street, no excuses. It is also the Temple of my body, mind, and emotion.

The pose I love the most
Ultimate/supreme balance.

My yoga practice
is my religion. I have found a way to my heart's center and gratitude. I am working on forgiveness. It ties all of my previous life-learnings together in a way that makes sense to me.

The breath is
our emotions manifested. My, our, connection to life. It is satisfying to know that to be fully alive and present, all I have to do is breathe deeply; breathe well.

Dave Hollyday

The pose I love to hate
Eagle or Boat - it's a toss up!

Love is
My sons: Fisher and Tilghman. And, catching dinner.

Community means
a common place where we can all come together to share and exchange ideas and grow. To learn from one another and to make the world a better place.

My favorite mantra
patience is a virtue."

What makes me come alive
yoga, and spending time with my sons.

The soundtrack to my life
currently on the turntable? Crystal's Playlist, Enid's Stories, Caroline's playlist (especially Eminem), Mandy's playlist, Sara's architectural references. Oh, and Johnny Cash.