Vincent Vitali

Vincent Vitali Community Maker Charleston

The pose I love the most...
Utthita Pasvakonasana (extended side angle pose) because I love the deep stretching sensation I feel from my back to my fingertips and utilizing all the muscles in my body to extend and twist which each breath just feels so damn good! 

My yoga practice...
Constantly reminds me of the power behind the breath; on and off the mat. 

The breath is...
The only way to start and end my practice strong. If my mind is racing then my breath is lacking and it clearly shows in my physical practice. Breath is they key ingredient to staying strong and syncing Mind, Body and Soul. 

The pose I love to hate...
Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose). My lower back doesn't jive well in this asana.

Vincent Vitali

Love is...
The only thing that truly matters, everything else is secondary. 

Community means...
Sharing a common goal with strangers, being supportive along the way and becoming friends by the end.

My favorite mantra...
The sweet is never as sweet without the sour. 

What makes me come alive...
Spontaneity - Being impulsive has rewarded me with the best experiences of my life. 

The soundtrack to my life...
Barcelona by George Ezra - Everyone has a happy place and Barcelona is mine. 

Laura Lohnes

Laura Lohnes

Community yoga little sanctuary. A home where I actually get shit done (can I say shit?).

The pose I love the most...all the hip openers. And puppy pose! 

My yoga practice...fills me with both pride and humility. A reminder of my strength and of my room for growth. 

The breath is...the hardest part -- harder than the hardest posture! 

The pose I love to hate...eagle. 

Laura Lohnes

Love is...the path of least resistance.

Community means...offering what you have and taking what you need in return. 

My favorite mantra...Here I am. 

What makes me come alive...time. The absence of hurry. The freedom to be unstructured.

The soundtrack to my life...this is impossible to answer! Anything from Louis Prima to Frank Ocean. Music is my other love.

Nicole Garcia

Nicole Garcia

Community Yoga is
like a good friend; warm and accepting but not afraid to challenge you.

The pose I love the most
I love humble warrior. It is a good heart opener, but I also love what it demonstrates; a warrior who bows with their hands bound behind them, to me it's a pose that encourages peace.

My yoga practice
has helped me realize my strength.

The breath is

The pose I love to hate
standing Splits.

Nicole Garcia

Love is
powerful, beautiful, scary, and everywhere (sometimes you just have to look super hard).

Community means
so much to much to me.After moving across the country a couple times and experiencing some hard months, I am always amazed, inspired by, and so grateful for the people who help lift me up, who are close and far in proximity, when I feel like I can't move forward.

My favorite mantra
she believed she could, so she did.

What makes me come alive
helping people.

The soundtrack to my life
any pop-punk or emo from the early 2000s!

Dave Hollyday

Community Yoga is
right up the street, no excuses. It is also the Temple of my body, mind, and emotion.

The pose I love the most
Ultimate/supreme balance.

My yoga practice
is my religion. I have found a way to my heart's center and gratitude. I am working on forgiveness. It ties all of my previous life-learnings together in a way that makes sense to me.

The breath is
our emotions manifested. My, our, connection to life. It is satisfying to know that to be fully alive and present, all I have to do is breathe deeply; breathe well.

Dave Hollyday

The pose I love to hate
Eagle or Boat - it's a toss up!

Love is
My sons: Fisher and Tilghman. And, catching dinner.

Community means
a common place where we can all come together to share and exchange ideas and grow. To learn from one another and to make the world a better place.

My favorite mantra
patience is a virtue."

What makes me come alive
yoga, and spending time with my sons.

The soundtrack to my life
currently on the turntable? Crystal's Playlist, Enid's Stories, Caroline's playlist (especially Eminem), Mandy's playlist, Sara's architectural references. Oh, and Johnny Cash.


Alex Hellams

Community Yoga is... a place where people from all walks of life come together to drop their story and create something powerful for themselves and everyone they are sharing their practice with.

The pose I love most... well there are two. I love grasshopper because it is the first pose that I focused time and practice to achieve and have been able to reach my goal. My other favorite is handstand because that is where my current focus lies, still can't quite nail it (and occasionally crash into walls in class) but I'm getting closer each time I come to my mat.

My yoga practice is... evolving. It started as a place to help me become a better, stronger runner and has grown into such a vital part of my daily life.

The breath is... the reason for practice. I truly believe that without it, there is no yoga.

Alex Hellams

Community means... coming together to support one another through good and bad.  Each human has their own story that brings them to where they are today which is very easy to forget when you are caught up in your own life. Community means putting aside my own "stuff" to help uplift those around me.

My favorite mantra is... be here. Whether in yoga or in life, I am always on the run fitting in one thing in after the next so I am consciously trying to tell myself to be where I am and worry about later, later.

The soundtrack to my life... the short answer is it depends. I really go back and forth between John Mayer radio and Justin Timberlake radio on Pandora. I don't care what anyone says, JT has it going on.

If I could high-five anyone right now... it would be my little brother Ben.  He is stupid smart and getting into and receiving scholarships to all the colleges he has applied to. I am super proud and wish I was there to give him a high five!!🖐

The pose I love to hate... are Mandy's "elevators". Holy burning core!

Alex Hellams Pose

Jennifer Casselli

Community Yoga is...
my jam (as Stacy Peth would say)  love this space and the people in it!

The pose I love the most…
headstand....I love it and can't ever get enough of it...the one pose I do daily, no matter where I am or what I'm doing

My yoga practice...
s like breakfast....most important thing I can do for myself each day!

The breath is...
my calm

Love is...
what I do....with everything!  Love love and more love

Community means...
friends, togetherness, comfort, support, laughing, love

Favorite words to hear...
"I lovers you mama!"

What makes me come alive...
laughing with my son until we are both making the ugly laugh face!

My go to midnight snack...
gummi bears!! yummah!!!

Spence Gibbs & Dawn Raczkowski

Community yoga is ...
Spence: the BEST yoga studio in Charleston 4 sho! I have tried a lot of them, so this information can be trusted.
Dawn: a place where I can take an hour for myself. Close my eyes, breathe, reset, and recharge.

The pose I love the most …
S: savasana after a hot power flow class…soak it up. Three words: Cool.Lavender.Towel.
D: supine spinal twist. For me, there is no greater release than that feeling of wringing out my body and creating more space.

 My yoga practice …
S: is still in the making… the best is yet to come.
D: keeps me grounded. Whether I need to sweat out some tension and stress, or just stretch and breathe, yoga is my go-to. No matter what I am facing in my life, yoga helps me find that next step I need to keep going.

The breath is ...
S: the key ingredient to staying grounded in the present.  At times, I struggle with worry and anxiety about the future.  Breath allows me to slow down, remember where I am, and reminds me of all that I have to be thankful for.
D: how I gauge what I really need on my mat.

Love is …
S: a daily choice. If we choose love, I believe God takes care of the rest.
D: choosing to speak and act in ways that positively impact those around you.

Community means …
S: sharing this awesome life with others.
D: having a group of people who all support each other.

Favorite words to hear ...
S: When Dawn says, “Do you want to go eat Mexican food tonight?”
D: “Take your time.” I love feeling like I don’t have to rush.

What makes me come alive ...
S: I played baseball in college. There is something about being at a ballpark that is good for my soul.
D: watching a sunrise or sunset in a beautiful setting.

My go to midnight snack …
S: No snacks for me after I brush my teeth before bed! Sorry, brainwashed dentist here. For the sake of not being lame, dark chocolate acai berries are the bomb.
D: I don’t really have one. I am rarely awake at midnight. I do love anything chocolate though!

Kelly Hauschild

Community Yoga is... my yoga home

The pose I love the most... eight angle pose. not because I love the pose itself, but because I love the lesson it taught me. I remember years ago in class, the teacher would try to guide us into eight angle pose, and I thought to myself "you must be absolutely insane..there is NO way I can do that", but with a little practice and perseverance, I learned that I COULD do that. This is true with so much. Both on and off the mat.

My yoga practice... is a way for me to use my body as a vehicle for exploration and growth. my practice is my own space to re-energize, ground, re-set...whatever it is that I need at that moment.

The breath is... what brings comfort in times of discomfort

Love is... a verb. it's what we do, not what we say.

Community is... what brings us together. it's about being a part of something bigger than ourselves....a place to be challenged, encouraged and supported.

Favorite words to hear... I love you mama

What makes me come alive... belly laughs from my kids, sunshine, salty hair and sandy feet

My go to midnight snack... turmeric tea and chocolate...a perfect balance!

Joe Neinstadt

Community Yoga is. . . where I attended my first yoga class.  It's now like home base and I love coming back.
The pose I love the most. . . Ardha Sarvangasana (Half Shoulder Stand) The first time I tried it I laughed at myself because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it.  When I actually did it, I felt like a boss!!!
My Yoga practice. . . is like the beginning part of a relationship.  It's very exciting and full of promise.
The breath is. . . the breaks for when you're speeding through life.
Love is. . . the accelerator that makes time fly by.
Community means. . . coming together from all walks of life with a common vision of thriving.
Favorite words to hear. . . YES, now boarding, & barrel aged
What makes me come alive. . . live music & art.  I owe my life to music and it still surrounds my life.  When it comes to art, the only thing better than making it is witnessing art that stops you in your tracks and fills your soul.
My go to midnight snack. . . a few pitted dates and a handful of unsalted peanuts. It tastes like a PB&J when you put them together in your mouth!

Jessica Eisenberg

Community Yoga is. . . where I found my practice.  I took my first class at Community over 5 yrs ago.
The pose I love the most. . . is probably the pose that challenges me the most right now, half moon.  The struggle of opening and balancing at the same time is difficult but addicting.
My Yoga practice. . . helps to enhance my calm.  It allows me to reconnect, readjust, and reset things that may have thrown me off balance.  I am able to challenge myself, reflect, and make my life better.  It truly is my therapy.
The breath is. . . what drowns out the nonsense in my head. It allows me to keep pushing forward, whether, in a yoga class or in my daily life.
Love is. . . the most important thing; it brings people together.  If more people would meet others with love and compassion the world would be better for it.
Community means. . . coming together for fellowship, not just because we occupy the same space but because we share a common mindset.
Favorite words to hear. . . Caroline saying "You can do anything for three more breaths!"
What makes me come alive. . . traveling!!!!  Experiencing a new city, spending time outdoors on a trail or relaxing under an oak tree.
My go to midnight snack. . . all I need is a spoon and a pint of Haagen Dazs.  My favorite lately, green tea