Amanda Baldwin

January 2018


Community Yoga is... my happy place.  As I ride my bike to the studio I can feel the stress of the day melting away.  

The pose I love the most... Dancer is one of my favorites.  On days that I can garner my balance it feels empowering.  At the same time I love back bends and stretches.  Dancer is a combination of many things that helps me to get out of my head and be in the moment.  

My yoga practice... is a continuous journey.  Now that I am pregnant I am physically limited, but I get to be creative and focus on gratuity for the ability to still practice.  

The breath is... imperative.  It doesn't come naturally to me, so the breath is one of the biggest benefits of my practice for my life.  

The pose I love to hate... anything that focuses on core. My favorite thing is for the instructors to trick me into doing core work without knowing it.  

Love is... Easier for me to accept and share once I spend some time cultivating breath and gratitude in a good yoga class. 

Community means... home.  I love having a gathering place of community members that feels so supportive.    

My favorite mantra... I don't remember if it was Mandy or Caroline who taught me this mantra to go with my breath, but it has really stuck.  It is a good one that helps me to keep the lists from running through my head. 

(IN) What time is it?  (OUT) It is now.

(IN) Where am I? (OUT) I am here. 

What makes me come alive... a good sweat from a hot yoga class.  I can't wait to get back to hot yoga after this little boy comes!  

The soundtrack to my life...  would be a very interesting mix of 90's rap, blue grass, a little Sinatra/Buble, Beyonce, Motown, and of course Justin Timberlake.